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Strip Solar


Energy Flow 10

100% Roof Coverage


Red Inside

  • Specifically formulated for maximum chemical resistance
  • Increased resistance to collapse from vacuum crush
  • Optimum sealing around manifolds and barbs, so no leaks
  • Round tube design for maximum resistance to crushing & splitting

Black Matt Outside

  • The best UV weathering resistance package available, resulting in longer life
  • Material contains a ‘high matting agent’ which greatly improves solar absorption, providing superior performance & efficiency
  • Is also formulated to have increased toughness to resist mechanical damage and puncturing


10 Tube Efficiency

  • 10 Tubes
  • Maximising wet area per m2
  • Faster heat up times
  • Extend swimming season even further


Sunlover Manifold

PVC Premium Absorber

Increasing Your Solar Systems Efficiency And Performance

The new indestructible Sunlover manifold provides no gluing joints for easy installation and have winged sides that lock the manifold in place that stop sideward movement.

  • No Gluing Joints
  • Indestructible Design
  • Winged Shape locks in place
  • The wings also protect the rubber grommet from UV deterioration.

PVC Nitrile Premium Absorber manufactured from chemical resistant polymer compounds certified to meet AS2369.2-1993 – Materials for solar collectors for swimming pool heating, Part 2: Flexible or plasticised polyvinylchloride.