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Solar Heating

Extend Your Swimming Season With A Complete Range of Solar Heating Options


Heating water with solar absorber is a proven thermal engineering concept that has been used for centuries.
Solar systems are economical and provide long life because they are simple - Cold water is pumped from your pool, through a solar absorber on your roof, collecting heat as it passes , then returns warmer water to the pool.
Your system is controlled and managed by an electronic solar controller. This controller determines when the solar needs to be operating and when it turns off, by measuring heat differential on the roof and in the pool.
Sahara Pools solar systems are easy to operate. With a range of electronic controllers featuring easy to follow digital readouts, you can set your desired water temperature and operating times and forget it. The sophisticated Sunlover Heating digital controllers are reliable, Australian made and serviced.
Today Sahara Pool Heating applies state of the art and the latest technology in polymer engineering to its solar products, to deliver the lowest operating cost and most efficient heating for your pool. We have a wide and exclusive range of products to deliver the best heating option for your pool.



Strip Solar
Rigid Solar
Nanotek Solar
Solar Controllers