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Rigid Solar

Rigid Solar Panels

80% Roof Coverage

  • Freeze Resistant
  • Most Durable Solar Panel Available
  • Efficient Design Reduces Heat Loss
  • High BTU Rating

Less Heat Loss Means A More Efficient System


Our Rigid Panels Have The Highest BTU Rating In The Market.

What are BTU’s?

BTU’s are a unit of measure used to measure thermal (heat) energy. The higher the BTU’s the more heat retained by a solar collector.


Sunlover collectors have the lowest heat loss because of our connected flow tubes (vs. Conventional individual tubes)


  • Fully moulded tubes to the main header for extra strength
  • Solar collector tubes are manufactured with extra thickness for superior durability & longer life expectancy
  • The panels are so well built that they can withstand the strength of a 241km/h cyclone

High Efficiency

  • Interconnected flow tubes to prevent heat loss
  • Every panel is factory pressure tested for strength & leaks
  • Once the panels are installed, there is no additional maintenance or cost.

Not Like Typical Rigid Solar

  • Other Panels allow heat to escape between the tubes, cooling the flowing water down.


Cockatoo And Vermin Resistant