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Nanotek Solar

Nano Graphitic Composite

60% Roof Coverage, More Heating with Significantly Less Coverage


The most Advanced Multilayered Composite Solar Heating Strip Collector available in the world. NanoTek Graphitic Collector is Boss Patented technology, combining State-of-the-Art Co- Extrusion techniques and High-Tech Nano Polymers. The special Matt Black outer surface absorbs 20% more incident solar radiation than standard solar collector. The Nano-Graphitic inner tubes then transfer the Sun’s Energy 30% quicker into 18% more water flowing through the large 8mm diameter tubes. 


Enjoy the same heating with 40% less coverage

  • Angled Barbs for easy fitting
  • Sharp barbs for better retention
  • Fully blended plus incresed wall thickness to eliminate cracking
  • Heavy thick wall section
  • 50mm long socket length


Nano Graphitic inner layer

  • Maximum Thermal Conductivity -transfers the Suns Free Energy 30% quicker*
  • Maximum Chemical Resistance
  • Enhanced Resistance to Flex Fatigue
  • Maximum Sealing Retention to Barbs


Larger 8mm diameter Tubes

  • 18%* More Water being Heated
  • Lower water fl ow rates for maximum heat transfer
  • Less back pressure


Maxblack outer material

  • Outer surface absorbs 20%*more heat
  • Maximum UV Resistance
  • Maximum Heat Absorption from the Matt Skin
  • Increased Toughness to Resist Mechanical Damage


  • MultiLayered Construction, combining the Best materials in the Best position
  • 40% more efficient More heating with less coverage*
  • Commercial / Professional Grade
  • Superior to any comparable offering
  • ‘Long Life’ 15 year Warranty*
  • Formulated to withstand Harsh Australian Conditions
  • Proudly Designed and Manufactured in Australia
  • Australian Standards AS 2369.2-1993
  • Lead Free: Safe for drinking water collection